Friday, February 13, 2009

Old Magazines

The last two days, I have spent cleaning. Yesterday, I went through a bunch of old magazines I dug out last summer before I moved. Most of the magazines are at least ten years old, and they include issues of Rolling Stone, InStyle, Entertainment Weekly, People, and even a few old issues of Seventeen.

Going through the magazines brought back memories of high school study hall. When I wasn't doing homework, I would absorb myself in reading those magazines. Quite honestly, I once fantasized of being profiled myself. Sometime after my Freshman year of college, however, I put many of the issues into one of those big tupperware bins, never to be touched again. Until last summer, that is.

Needing a place to put new things into, I finally took the bin out and began going through the magazines, putting them into empty Yuengling Lager boxes. Yesterday, I went through them again to sort out what I was going to give away to Ithaca's Friends of the Library for their semiannual book sale.

For the memories I have of reading through these magazines, it's difficult to part with them. But I know I'll never read them again, either, so at this point they're taking up space. Hopefully a few people will buy them at the book sale and find something to do with them.

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