Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A View From The Lakefront

This is a view of Seneca Lake I got this morning. Notice the ice caps. Seneca Lake hasn't totally frozen over since 1912, but there's blankets of ice washing up onshore. (Further out, however, there was still water.) They were predicting warm weather today, so I decided to go and take a walk down at the lakefront, which I hadn't since the end of October. Except that the Lakefront was cold, and I wish I had brought gloves with me. Later on, I went to the Outlet Mall, where I bought a pair of Converse All Stars (aka "Chucks") that were owed to me from Christmas.

Last fall, I began researching for an article that I hope to pitch to a local magazine. I was inspired by a trip I took to this particular place back in September. Earlier this morning, I read through the stuff I copied when I visited The History Center in November. I also checked out some back issues of the magazine from the library, to get a feel for tone and content. A year ago, I would've wanted to wait to do this before I got a better job, but now I'm thinking, "Money's Money." I'm looking into anything that's not only NOT customer service, but something I could actually look forward to doing.

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