Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Don't Put Out

Mid-last week, I sent a letter to a married couple who played on the soundtrack to Are You From Bingo?, asking if they could take me in. I got an e-mail response this morning saying they could not. Oh well. My Craigslist endeavors haven't fared much better. Most of the responses I've gotten have pointed me toward certain resources, but no direct offers. And then there's this gem:

Hi Erin my name is _____, I mean you no disrespect by asking this but wondered if you might into fulfilling my fantasy. I own several nice rental properties around the college. I have always wanted to give a woman like you an apartment of her own for free. Meaning the only thing you would have to pay for is cable if you wanted it. In return she takes care of me physically and I am sure you know what I mean. It is my fantasy. I am mid forties ,single,clean,safe and discreet. If your interested send me an email or call me anytime at 315-XXX-XXXX


Uh, no thank you.

Maybe I should look into other options. I'm not that comfortable staying with people I don't know, unless I come to them through someone else, like this person. I've had some luck looking for Carpools, but I'd have to get up an extra hour early. Still, better than nothing.

I'll doing some work this week. From the Shooting People I placement I made last week, I was able to snare one person who was looking for updates. I'll also be watching my 90 year old Grandmother while my father goes away.

Finally, the Mayor of Ithaca got a shoe chucked at her last week. I think the guy who did it used to host a show on Public Access.

I'm going to work on finishing the "Ithaca Travel Guide" for the zine, then get ready for the week.

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