Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today is Thursday, I don't know what else to title this.

Earlier today I went to the Workforce office, handed in my application, and searched for the job leads they had in their books. There isn't much for me, really, but as I said, I plan on making this a weekly stop until I have some kind of employment. Also, I've sent a resume to GrammaTech, a software company in Ithaca. It might be chancing it, but it is full time and permanent. It looks like an interesting company, anyway.

Meanwhile, the Veterans' Home that was operating across the street from my place got busted for operating without a license. According to my father, these people have been running these homes for decades, and from what I've read, the state was very slow to respond to the unlicensing complaint. A TV crew was across the street a few minutes ago interviewing someone.

I may go out to the Billsboro Winery for tonight's Finger Lakes Film Festival Screenings. They are predicting flurries for the afternoon, but tonight is supposed to be okay.

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