Friday, January 9, 2009

Still Looking

I called Kelly Services Tuesday. They said that the only work around that they recruit for around here is for assembly line work. I don't consider myself to be above it, but I don't think I'm really skilled for it, either.

You know what? I could be happy with a part time job right here. I don't know how long I'd keep it, but at least it would allow me enough security to get what I want done. Yesterday, I sent out a bunch of resumes to the local hospital in response to some part time secretarial openings. Even if they don't find me qualified, maybe there'll be an opening for something else. Even if Binghamton is further away, I don't want to hassle with commuting right now.

Another thing I've been looking into lately is finding work as a virtual assistant. I could go into an explanation of what that is, but here's a video that does it for me. It's a little long, but it explains what a Virtual Assistant does:

Manpower (the temp agency that got me my last job) offers free online classes for their temps. I figured I might take a few classes and brush up my skills while I wait out the next thing. Also, if I decide to dive into Virtual Assistance, it would be incredibly helpful.

In other news, I've been contacting interviewees for the new interviews. I had planned to do the interviews the weekend of March 7th. Then I found out that one of my interviewees is expecting--she is due March 13th. I may have to do their interview early. Yikes!

I have another announcement coming soon...

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