Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Adventuring In Trumansburg

Today I did what Tigger from Winnie The Pooh would call "adventuring" in Trumansburg. The ride over and back was very nerve-wracking: it wasn't snowing, but there was a lot of wind.

When I got into town, I parked at a vacant parking lot, where a grocery store called "Save-A-Lot" used to be. My guess is that people didn't save enough for the store to stay in business, because it was closed, and it looked like it was vacated only recently. In fact, I remember it being a "Big M" store not too long ago.

The first thing I did after I parked was to go to the post office, to mail a few things.

Then I made a stop at Gimme! Coffee where after my nervous ride over, I ordered a LARGE cup of coffee, and got to work on the game plan for my DVD.

As I got to work on my game plan, I realized something: this DVD may be more than I bargained for, or at least I'll have to devote more attention to it than I initially thought. Of course, I'll be doing it, but it may mean that I may have to put some other things on hold. Getting off topic. Anyway...

After I finished the game plan, I walked around and snapped a few pictures:

This is the Church of St. James the Apostle, the local Catholic Church.

In the rectory yard of St. James is a lovely statue of the Virgin Mary. I don't think this picture does it justice.

This is Trumansburg's Town Hall. Below are two more pictures of Main Street:

I stopped at Life's So Sweet, a confectionery on Main Street, before I started back home. I stayed in Trumansburg quite awhile, but I think this trip was cut short by the weather.

On my route home, I always pass by a vacated diner called Happy Landing. Every time I pass by it, I always fantasize about turning it into a diner. Of course, I think about this every time I pass by a vacated building. On Christmas Eve, I passed by a vacated corner store in Geneva and even went so far as to jot down the number of the real estate agent. One of these days, I may jump on one of these buildings.

I was still very nervous on the ride home (though not as nervous as on the way over), but as I got closer to home, I calmed down. Also, I drove careful and slow. I made it home safe and sound.

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