Friday, December 26, 2008

Cheddagate, Continued.

On Christmas Eve, I reported about Russel aka Chedda, who went from working for $10 an hour at Foot Locker and being $12K in debt to recieving $5K a month in Goverment Grants which have allowed him to buy a $15,000 watch and help him start a clothing line.

While killing time at my sister's house yesterday, I went to Technocrati to see if anyone else had blogged about this. I came across this item from Earlier, the blogger posted this item.

"Brad" is a former waiter with similar problems to Chedda's. Like Chedda, Brad was struggling with Credit Card Debt, but was able to get a $12K Grant and earn $5K a month to finance his business on Google. Aside from a few notable changes (substitute "clothing line" for "Google Business"), his "blog" is nearly identical to Chedda's: at the bottom of the page, there are six comments, with the comments section "temporarily disabled". The website shows this:

A few years ago, I ended up running up a significant amount of credit card debt and didn't really have a good job to pay this off. On top of that, I had my home and car loans to worry about. I didn't have the best job in the world, so I needed to find a way to get some money.

If he's working as a waiter with a boatload of credit card debt, who did he get his mortgage from? Fannie Mae?

Who the hell makes this shit up? Anyone who falls for this scam is a moron!

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