Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let the Wind Carry Me

I'm feeling a little bit better about my situation. Tonight I'm going to take a look at a room that's available. The only thing is, the other two people there (I believe) are college kids, and the lease runs until July.

I suppose I can get another job if worse comes to worse, but I didn't really want to stay in Ithaca long this time. I just wanted to work, do my DVD, and keep my options open. My mother mentioned she'd help me out with rent, but I am tired of depending on them. I know there's the option of subletting, but that's not a guarantee, either. I suppose I can figure that all out when the job (and the DVD) are over.

I know that this isn't a great time for anyone on a financial level, but I'm tired of bouncing from menial job to menial job, and even if I can't make a living making movies and writing, I'd like to have a full time living working in something in that field.

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