Friday, November 21, 2008

Back to, I hate parking.

Had it! Had it! Had it!

Earlier tonight, I tried to back my father's truck out of the very narrow driveway, and almost broke the mirror on the passenger side door. I'm going to try and get the truck out again tomorrow. I wrote a note to the people who owned the station wagon next to it...hopefully, I'll get them to back their car out so I can back mine. I'm going back to my mother's house and staying overnight to get a few things because...

I started my job on Wednesday. I came in Monday, packed to stay until Thursday, and found out Tuesday afternoon that they wanted me the next day. I had to do laundry after I got back Wednesday. Otherwise, I really like my job so far. My supervisor is a very nice guy, and asked me about my filmmaking. I think it's a very good opportunity for me get an opportunity to use my Computer Art Degree...five years after I recieved it.

But back to my truck. I'm sick of having to take the truck back & forth and panic every time I go to park it. I told both my parents that I don't want to drive it anymore. Pray to God I hope I can get out there without an accident.

Meanwhile, my fundraiser has started. Donate what you can!

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