Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Erin's Electra Complex

Let me preface the following post by saying that I'm trying to avoid as many self-indulgent posts as possible, but given that this is a blog about my life, that's a little hard. Plus, I may have family reading this blog, and I'm not entirely certain I want to air too much of my dirty laundry.

Last night, my father took me out to dinner. We discussed my job prospects and upcoming interviews. He expressed that he wished that I could get a job where I am now so I wouldn't have to pay rent. He doesn't feel that I'm prepared for the reality of paying rent and what not.

It is true that I had trouble paying rent the last time I was on my own. But I did pay most of my other bills, though. In the two and a half years since I have moved back in with my parents, I feel that I have grown immensely as a person, and I feel prepared to handle "the real world" in a way that I wasn't four years ago.

I should add that at this time, I'm not planning on renting out a whole apartment. Instead, I plan on renting a room (people advertise this stuff on Craigslist). I would like to continue with putting away whatever money I'll have after all is said and done. Hopefully, I can start making money designing websites, too, and I will put that away.

It's one thing when strangers or people outside your own family shoot you down; you can cut them off and tune them out. It's another thing when people within your own family--especially a parent--expresses disbelief.

Ideally, I think my father would like me to settle down, have a secure job, be a "Company Woman" with retirement and benefits. I don't think he looks at my career as a filmmaker as being a "real career" but rather an expensive hobby. I love my father, but I realize that I may never fully recieve his approval of the life path I have made for myself.

On a lighter note, here's my YouTube video announcing this blog:

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