Saturday, November 15, 2008

You're Hired!

After six weeks of hustling, it has finally happened: I have a new job.

Wednesday, I went down to Ithaca, thinking either I would stay the day, and return before dusk, or stay overnight. I was going down there to put my laptop on the internet service of the woman I am currently working with. Around 4ish, I discovered that I had a voice mail from Manpower, asking if I could come in for an interview tomorrow. I'd prepared to stay overnight, but I wasn't packed for an interview. I went to Trader K's (a thrift store in the Commons), and bought clothes.

The interview went really well. The guy who interviewed me said I was more than qualified, and he was even asking me questions. Yesterday afternoon, I was offered the job. I will be returning to Ithaca on Monday to do a background check and drug screening, which I guess means that I'll have to cancel the crystal meth binge I was hoping to go on this weekend.

My new job will have me working on a long term project: I'll be scanning their designs into a computer (some of which go back to the early part of the 20th Century), and helping them create an archive and database. The job is full time, and it will last at least three months; the woman at Manpower talking to me over the phone even mentioned it could be as long as six months. That's all I wanted: something that will take care of me while I work on the DVD and get things straightened out.

Now that this is all over, I will finally have more time to focus on my own projects, and other things I've been meaning to focus on for awhile. Of course, there's the DVD I want to work on, as well as possibly a short film.

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