Monday, December 8, 2008

Taking A Cue

Last week, I tried to write an essay on a topic that I've been researching for a year and a half. I wrote the first part Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday...that was fine. Over the weekend, I tried to write the second half, and any energy and enthusiasm I had for it fizzled out. It just...died.

Also over the weekend, I found the hard drive that has most of Are You From Bingo? on it. It's been MIA since summer. I'm taking both of these things as a sign that I really should focus on the DVD. I'm hoping to contact the interviewees for the new interviews either this week or next, and let them know I'm doing this.

I might also have an interview with Binghamton University's newspaper, Pipe Dream. Which would be good, because I'm hoping to hire BU kids for crew, so that would be good to get the word out.

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