Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back Into the Workforce

The interview didn't go too well. Well, it went okay, until she started grilling me about the position I got fired from. I don't think I'll get it, which is fine by me--it wasn't like I wanted to stand in one place all day anyway.

After the interview, I stopped by at the Workforce New York to fill out an application. I finished filling it out here, and I plan on dropping it off tomorrow. Workforce maintains catalogs of job openings. I plan on looking through them tomorrow, and stopping by once a week thereafter until I find work.

Speaking of unemployment, I have decided to put off new interviews until either A.) I have some type of employment or B.) There's enough money in place to carry this out. With that being said, I'm keeping the fundraiser open and working on making the movie available as a download. I plan on writing the interviewees and letting them know, and that I will be in touch.

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