Thursday, January 15, 2009

Classic Sesame Street: Bert & Ernie

Back when I was of the appropriate audience age to be watching Sesame Street, Bert and Ernie were my favorite characters. I think that's because I thought Ernie looked like me, and for a preschooler, the name "Ernie" is very close to "Erin".

Bert and Ernie are roommates who never really seen much on the street itself. There has been speculation over the years that Bert and Ernie might be gay, but I agree with the I Love The '70s commentators that Bert and Ernie were fun loving bachelors.

"Before & After"

In this one, Bert tries to tell Ernie the difference between "before" and "after". Ernie wants to eat the cookie, but Bert tells him to wait until after dinner. Ernie gets the two confused, and eats the cookie anyway.

"Rubber Duckie"

How can make an homage to Bert and Ernie without mentioning "Rubber Duckie", and especially its chorus? "Rubber Duckie, you're the one/ You make bathtime lots of fun/ Rubber Duckie, I'm awfully fond of you...

"Heeeeeere Fishy Fishy Fishy!!!"

Everytime my father would take me fishing with him, I would call out to the fish: Heeeeeere Fishy Fishy Fishy!!!, hoping I would get the same results as Ernie. Actually, I think I was more successful that my father was.

"Bert & Ernie Go Gangsta"

There's a lot of videos on YouTube that have dubbed old Sesame Street sketches with content that might be objectionable (although sometimes not). This one, however, is hilarious, and I have to say they dubbed it pretty well. Bert and Ernie raise the roof!

Next up, Cookie Monster!

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