Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ra Ra Obama!

It hasn't even been eight hours since the inauguration, and already, I feel better about myself and the country. I feel like I've had a long weekend, with Martin Luther King Day and now today. It'll be back to normal first thing tomorrow, when I go to attend a job interview. I also plan on following up on the interviewees for the DVD.

This morning, I purchased my ticket to see Ra Ra Riot at The Smith Opera House in Geneva. The lady running the box office and I talked about guitarist Milo Bonacci's Geneva connections: his former employer, the Cornell Agricultural Experiment Station; how he was in an early line-up of Gym Class Heroes; and how his cousins used to baby-sit me when I was little. To have that conversation must have been a relief for her, since Ani DiFranco tickets went on sale today, and she couldn't keep up with the phones and purchases.

I admit I haven't listened to Ra Ra Riot much, but this type of music doesn't come to Geneva EVER (I usually have to go Cornell's Fanclub shows). I'm looking forward to the show anyway, and stopping in for a cool one at Parker's afterward.

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