Friday, May 8, 2009

Some of Me

Yesterday, I saw a psychic. Not the Miss Cleo, $4.99-a-minute variety, but a real one. She gave me what she calls "an intuitive reading". I told her of my cirumstances--that I was currently unemployed, sending out resumes, and going out for interviews--but that it felt more and more like a charade.

She told me that I've been trying too hard, and what I needed to do was relax for awhile. She seemed to emphasize the "relax" part of it. She says that I've been trying to project my future, and that whatever happens next will find its way to me.

Having told her that I'd like to do more traveling after my trip to Austin, she suggested I try doing more of that this summer. I'll have to figure out my finances, but maybe I can work something out. In the meantime, I plan on finishing the DVD and attending High Falls next week.

Also, I read Isabella Rosselini's Some of Me. Aside from the first 30 pages, I read all of it in one sitting. It's not a straightforward autobiography, but a series of reminisces a la Bob Dylan's Chronicles: Volume One, except that Rosselini expounds on her personal philosophy in addition to reminiscing. She talks about her mother, her first husband, Martin Scorsese, and her long relationship with David Lynch.

Now since I've read her book, I can see why she'd want to make short films like this, which have been lately popping up on The Soup:

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