Monday, April 27, 2009

Too Darn Hot

The heat cut my weekly trip to Ithaca short. By noon, the heat got to me--and this is after drinking more than enough water--and decided to hightail it home.

Rather than drive into the city and pull my hair out trying to find a parking space, I parked at the Cayuga Medical Center's visitors parking lot, and took the bus in. My first stop was at the Workforce office, then Kelly Services (both are in the same building). Then I dodged the heat at Gimme! Coffee, and later purchased a one pound bag of their Hartmann Honey blend, which is very expensive, but gave off a nice aroma as I drove back.

Then I stopped off at that room that I wanted to check out. The room itself isn't bad (in need of a few repairs), but the house is occupied by older people, has no cooking quarters, and reeked of stale cigarettes. I'll keep looking...maybe. Usually, I stay in Ithaca until about 1:30 or 2, but as I mentioned, I left after checking out the room. I got a ice cream Flurry on the way home, and did a walk at the lakefront later.

Earlier tonight, I e-mailed three local car dealerships about doing driveaway service for them. My uncle does this when he's here in the summer. I want to do more traveling anyway, so why not combine work and pleasure? I might have to be careful, but it might be a lot more fun than staying in an office all day, or worse, doing customer service!

I'm also giving a lot of thought to putting together a web series. After seeing both of Lena Dunham's web shows, and I'm competent I can do something like this. I'm still planning on doing the documentary (In fact, I'm reading through one of her poetry collections now), but doing a web show will allow me to dive into narrative filmmaking without being overwhelmed with the tasks of feature filmmaking.

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