Saturday, April 25, 2009

Alexander the Second

Yesterday I saw Alexander the Last on demand. I'm almost convinced that Alexander may be Joe Swanberg's best film. Working with actors has a little bit to do with this, I think, but also I think there's a lot more attention paid to details. It's more observed and better shot than his previous stuff, too. A scene that stands out has Amy Seimetz and Jess Weixler making up a stupid story in front of Barlow Jacobs. Anybody who has siblings that are close enough in age can relate to the inside jokes that Weixler and Seimetz have with each other.

Last night, I went to see "Two Absurdities", which were two plays put on by Headless Sullivan, a theater offshoot of Geneva 13, Geneva's center of all things Bohemian. I liked both plays, but I especially liked the second, where the plot centers around three people who are trying decide which one they are going to cannibalize.

Monday, I'm planning on taking a look at a room (not an apartment) in Fall Creek in Ithaca. I don't know if I'm going back there, but I'd like to see what my options are. It would be nice to be alone for a little while.

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