Friday, March 6, 2009

Medicine For Melancholy

Today I took the plunge and did Video on Demand with the movie Medicine for Melancholy. I'm kicking myself for not seeing this at SXSW last year. Daily Show cutie Wyatt Cenac plays Micah, who pursues and hangs out with Joanne (Tracey Heggins) after a one night stand. Over the course of the day, Micah begins to unleash a lot of anguish about being a person of color in a city where there aren't many, and being the only person of color at an indie rock show. Definitely worth getting On Demand if you have digital cable.

I'm also very pleased to hear that SXSW is planning on offering shuttle buses from the Austin Convention Center to the Alamo Lamar and a few other places, which is going to save me a ton of time and trouble. Can't wait!

EDIT: I meant to post this video earlier tonight, but I was unable to find it. This is Wyatt Cenac at the Obama Inaugural Ball on The Daily Show:

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