Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good Times

Last night, I drank an embarassing amount (for a 27 year old, anyway). The IFC Festival Direct Launch Party had an open bar, and I managed to down two vodka tonics and a cranberry vodka before heading over to the Breaking Upwards party, where I downed another vodka tonic. I managed to talk to a nice gentleman, a UT-Austin student who noticed me from being at the front of the line. I also got an opportunity to talk to Ry Russo-Young, Kris Swanberg, and Lena Dunham

Following a panel on Film Criticism, I saw two movies: Beeswax and Alexander the Last. Both movies were great! Beeswax concerns a paraplegic (Tilly Hatcher) who is befriended by a law student (Alex Karpovsky) as the threat of a lawsuit by her former business partner looms.

Alexander the Last is a big step forward for Joe Swanberg. For the first time, his cast is largely made up of professional actors--Jess Weixler, Josh Hamilton, and Jane Adams are among the cast. Alex (Weixler) takes in the co-star of her play (Barlow Jacobs), who's been bouncing from couch to couch. She's married to Elliot (Justin Rice), but she has interest in him, but he's very interested in her sister (Amy Seimetz). One scene really stood out for me, where the two sisters begin to make up a story--it completely reminded me of the games I used to play with my siblings as a kid. You don't have to wait for it to come to your festival--if you have digital cable, you can watch it on demand. If you don't, find someone who does.

I'm planning on attending two panels: one on self-distribution, another on Kubrick, and then I will see Sorry, Thanks

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