Tuesday, March 10, 2009

For Real, Y'all!

I am now at a Super 8 in Cave City, Kentucky, after a very long day of traveling We left just after 8am. One of the early stops we made was in Jamestown, where we saw Lucille Ball's grave. We drove through Pennsylvania, then Ohio, where we stopped for lunch. After five hours of Ohio, we crossed over into the Kentucky Border at 6 O'Clock.

The first thing we did after crossing the border was stopping at a Waffle House in Union. When the waitress took our order, she said, "What would you like to eat, y'all?"

She said "y'all" like other people say "uh" or "like". Also, they actually had people smoking inside the restaurant, something I haven't seen in quite awhile. We did more driving, where we passed through billboards that have The Ten Commandments listed (God forbid a trucker wanting to pick up a lot lizard!) and one that said, "When you die, where do you want to spend an eternity?" and listened to a Christian Music-themed version of John Tesh's Intelligence For Your Life, which was described as "inspiring" with "kid-safe music" by the announcer.

My father wanted to go past Nashville, but we eventually got off here. I have pictures and video, but I won't be able to put up anything until after I get back.

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